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Young Violetta and her mother Hannah are a peculiar couple. Ten-year-old Violetta lives a quiet life with her grandmother, while her mother Hannah is an unpredictable photographer who lives off of the generosity of others. When Hannah forces her daughter to pose as a model, Violetta finds her life with her loving grandmother turned upside down.The resulting pictures quickly become a sensation for the trendy 70's Paris art scene, and Violetta finds herself caught in between her new stature as an art muse and her dull childhood.

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    • Isabelle Huppert , Georgetta Leahu , Denis Lavant , Anamaria Vartolomei , Jethro Cave , Louis-Do de Lencquesaing , Pascal Bongard , Anne Benoît , Johanna Degris-Agogue , Déborah Révy , Lou Lesage , Nicolas Maury , Pauline Jacquard , Eve Bitoun , Joe Sheridan , Linda Bonneau , Hugo Pomarat ,
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